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Looking for research which encompasses both plasmas and fission.

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    So far I've only found some leads into the use of magnetohydrodynamics theory in designing liquid metal cooled reactors. Anyone know of any other topics?
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    There has been thought about fusion-fission hybrid in which the 14 MeV neutrons from (d,t) fusion would be used to cause fast fissions in a uranium blanket. Fission systems normally use solid fuel, with the exception of the molten salt reactor (MSR). Solid fuel form trap the solid fission product and most of the volatiles and gases, except for fast and high temperature reactors which experience columnar grain growth and often develop a central void as gases migrate up the thermal gradient.

    Metal fuels operate at lower temperature than ceramic fuel, although thermal conductivity can decrease with increasing fissions as fission products accumulate in the metal matrix. Metal fuel can be annular to allow fission gases and volatiles to migrate into the central void, but then one needs a sufficient plenum.

    Metal fuels are not approved for commercial LWR operation, and are not likely to be any time soon. A critical issue for commercial plants is fuel reliability, i.e., ideally no failures, and retention of fission products under normal and anomalous operating conditions. Ideally, one avoids postulated accidents.

    There have been concepts involving UF6 cores with highly enriched uranium, but such a concept would not be adopted for a commercial power reactor. The core would conceivably be a plasma, but it would probably have to be a coupled core with a solid (dense) component.
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    Some good ideas here man. You always come through with the goods!
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