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Looking for some cool magnets / gadgets

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    Hello all :) I'm look for some cool things to look at or buy, I'm after mainly desk accessories such as swinging pendulums or something magnetic. I have seen some videos a while ago about a kind of magnet gadget which you could place a copper penny inside and it will just float in between the two magnets. Kinda like this:


    Sorry that's the best I could do :P and then you could spin the penny and it would spin for ages and ages on it's only little axis. I forgot what it was I searched for when I found this but can anyone tell me of some cool desk type things like swinging pendulums or something?
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    Look no farther!
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    That link didn't work for me.
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    Fix'd, I forgot the watch?v= part
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    Oh it's called newtons cradle :) I came across these things too which are simply awesome!

    = similar to the device I was describing


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cquvA_IpEsA&feature=related = gyroscope! What an amazing desk toy :D
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    Oh boy, I used to have a pen that you could do that with!
    It was pretty badass
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    I found loads of cool things including levetating globe which is amazing btw! and I found things like hurricane balls, euler's disc and some other neat things :)

    What would be cool is if I can find a little device that has a magnetic on it which is stuck to a little wooden base, the base vibrates using electric from your socket and you can attach things obove the vibrating magnetic which would make the object dance around kind of thing
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    Check out thinkgeek.
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    I ended up buying the gyroscope just because it looks cool to play with, was going to buy the magnetic floating globe but was too expensive.

    a mini hadron collider would also be amazing! A circular disc that has some power magnetics in it that are angled slightly forwards.... put a metal ball baring inside and as it passes past each magnet it picks up a bit more speed, constantly building up speed until you press a button which somehow stops the ball.

    Sounds awesome I wish I could make one but I wouldn't really know how..
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