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Lover of mathematics and physics seeks similar individuals

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    I'm a young male who (quite frankly) has a dream to understand everything. I know it may not happen today or tomorrow, but someday I hope to be able to answer any question anyone puts my way, and that if the answer does not exist to said question, I could devise a way of explaining it scientifically myself. I love Nuclear Physics, Quantum Mechanical theory, interesting mathematical quirks and I am a huge fan of the study of logic (think of the amount of people who need a little bit of THAT these days...). I love music as well, and the discovery in my early life that music ran on a system of pure mathematics and physics brought me so much joy (I've enjoyed devising new ways to explain it ever since, I pride myself on my ability to explain, as the rest of me has much to be desired..) Anyway, sorry for waffling on about the way I want to use this forum, thank you for reading!
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    Welcome to PF!
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    Thank you! :)
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    So what is your favorite theorem in logic?
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