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Low Previous GPA and Biophysics Grad-Canada

  1. Nov 20, 2013 #1
    To summarize my life, I did undergrad in Canada graduated in Chemistry/Biology with a low and embarrassing GPA. Went to an offshore medical school for two years and once very unhappy- luckily I did very well there due to a change in attitude about academics. After much research I would like to go into biophysics. I have been looking into Canadian Universities - McMaster/York/etc and been discussing my options with several people.

    Since they will be looking at my academic scores from undergrad only. Since my GPA is way to low, I was wondering whether its worth it to take a full year of undergrad credits to offset my final year GPA.
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    Most of the biophysics I'm familiar with has a strong emphasis on the physics - so you may be looking at some time in undergrad just to be able to qualify to get in. On top of that, the other question is: how low is low? If you're not competitive, then you'll have to go back to undergrad to get your GPA into a competitive range.
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    Thanks for the advice. When I say bad I mean bad, aka 60s throughout undergrad and a couple of Ds.

    The plan is to go back to undergrad for at least 4-6 semesters, including summers starting January 2014. I really need to get a bunch of physics courses done. I'm hoping to get accepted into a Canadian program that uses final or last two years GPA for admission. I'm also planning on following the physics major outline at my old school, so that I get enough physic courses. I will have 7 upper level undergrad physics courses and 5 math courses.

    I just wonder how grad schools treat people who had low UG, then take a bunch of courses to offset those marks.
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