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Lower Q of Crystal or Ceramic Resonator

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    I'm working on a school project that requires me to build a RF oscillator that is able to be started and stopped at about 100kHz. Ceramic or crystal oscillators would be good because of their tiny size, however, the high Q factor creates a problem. So my question was, can placing a resistor in series/parallel with a ceramic or crystal oscillator work to lower its Q? Or some other method? The project utilizes a super-regenerative receiver, so that limits the kind of oscillators to feedback.

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    Hi Fischer777. I can't answer your specific question, I'll leave that for others to address.

    I confess I'm not as brave as you. I'd look around at the work of others who have gone before, and I'd adopt something emerging from their toil. For example, a quick search found this design with a UJT-based quench oscillator:- http://members.iinet.net.au/~cool386/6tr/srrx.html

    Good luck with the team project!
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