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LQG, string theory and spinors - all achieve mathematical miracles

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    LQG, strink theory and Penrose's spinor theory, or maybe it's twistor theory, I don't know, all I know is that all three theories achieve mathematical miracles in their attempts to go beyond the Standard Model - how can all three theories do this but be mutually exclusive at the same time. Or maybe they're not mutually exclusive. Are they?
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    Actually, only string theorists claim that their theories make mathematical miracles.
    All the others claim that they actually understand how their theories work. :wink:
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    maybe i'll get some actual quotes
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    not really mutually exclusive, but different....like the varieties of string theory trying to be combined under "M" theory....or quantum theory versus relativity.....Not only are there lots of different mathematical theories, many of them don't apply at all to our universe...that's why physics has experiments to test what's 'real' and what is not.

    Maybe Penrose DID work SPINOR theory, but I suspect you mean TWISTOR theory, a major effort of his for a long time.....

    You can read some about twistor string theory here.....

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