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Engineering M.S. in Chemical Engineering Interested in Informatics

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    Dear all,

    I recently completed a M.S. in Chemical Engineering and I am finding that I lost my drive. I am instead more passionate about Informatics. I opted for trying to learn things on my own because I did not want to take on debt to pay for college. It worked out considerably well. I learned more than I expected, and I found people interested in informatics as well. I also found projects and papers to study, as well as a hackerspace with people who were knowledgeable about computers. However, I wonder whether it would be useful (and worth it) to go back to college for exposure and to have experts in the field review my work.

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    Try working at somewhere like first Detica, then doing further study after, I dont think its the best idea to do 2 masters after each other, well thats the way it is in the UK anyway .. unless you're looking to do a PHD
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