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Mac development w/ XCode and C#

  1. Mar 2, 2006 #1
    Hey guys..

    I wanted to tool around in developing some very simple, basic programs for my Mac using Apple's XCode and C#.

    I have a little backgrouund in computer programming. I unfortunately learned via Pascal, but did pascal for at least six years and then moved on to Delphi. I even worked one summer for a local company as a programmer and we developed a medical software billing application (which was a complete POS).

    Anyway. I know a little C. Like I know the basic syntax, etc. But I never got the whole thing about using pointers for strings or char*[] or whatever. I loved Delphi's IDE where you would put a button, and double click the button to write the code for it.

    Obviously things have changed in these past 7 years or so.. :)

    Now I load XCode, and I finally figureed out how to get Interface Builder to load up, and I couldn't figure out where to link code to a button, until I found the Inspector, and I think you have to bind it? Do you just write a function in the main.h file and then somehow link it?

    And I saw some tutorial on C# and it accessed stuff weird, like putting everything in brackets [] [] [], etc. Like how would you access a text field in C# using XCode? I have no idea where to start..

    Does anyone have any good links to tutorials, etc?

    Thank you guys
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    Apple's Xcode Tools don't include C#, which is a Microsoft thing.

    Apple's compiler is GCC 4.0, which includes C, C++ and Objective-C. You can also use Java, of course. Searching Apple's developer Web site for "C#" turns up only references to the Windows QuickTime interface, and some musical notes in MIDI-related stuff.
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    Ooooops :) I was so ignorant, I put C# instead of Objective C!! lol. I found a lot of decent docs on their webpage, so I've been trying to read those to learn some things.
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