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Mac LaTeX: Make TexShop the default to open .tex

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    Hi guys!

    This should be a no brainer, but I am having troubles. I downloaded the 2011 version of MacTex. It comes with TexWorks and TexShop. When I double click on .tex files, they open by default in TexWorks, but I want them to open by default in TexShop. It should be a simple matter of right clicking on a .tex file, using 'open with' TexShop, and checking the box that says 'always open this type with ...' But that is not working. It seems to be ignoring the fact that I checked the box :mad:

    Anyone else have this issue?

    EDIT: It doesn't actually ignore it. It ignores it for all other .tex files except for the one I right click on. I want the default to apply to ALL .tex files.
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    D H

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    Your Mac has an excellent help facility. This is verbatim from Mac Help:

    Choosing an application to open a document

    To change the application that opens a document:
    1. Select the document and choose File > Get Info.

    2. Click the triangle next to “Open with” to expand the section.

    3. Choose an application from the pop-up menu, or choose Other to locate a different application.

    4. If you want to use that application to open all documents of the same type as the current document and created by the same application, click Change All.

    The last item is the answer to your question.
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    Wow DH! I am surprised that I have had a Mac for 7 years and have never used this! Thanks!
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