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How do I insert an image on a LaTex doc?

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    I googled this, but all articles assume previous knowledge of Latex.

    I am brand new to Latex. I am using TeXshop on my Mac.

    I have a template open and I want to insert a jpg in the document.

    I clicked on the "Graphics Template" and then pasted the the name of my picture in there like the template implies. But that doesn't do it (nor do I think it should). Clearly I am missing something here.

    Here is a screenshot of my attempt.


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    What is your error message?

    did you use \usepackage{graphics} or \usepackage{graphicx}?
    http://www.artofproblemsolving.com/LaTeX/AoPS_L_PictMan.php [Broken]
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    I tried \usepackage{graphicx} but got nothing... noob question: I put "\usepackage{graphicx} " with all the other "usepackages" at the top of the page right?
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    Where does the mage need to be saved? Does that matter?
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    Error message:

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    So I went to this site and copy/pasted this into a doc:

    I saved an image as "myimage.png"

    I compiled and got nothing.

    So I deleted everything except document class and such.

    Then I just drag-and-dropped the image from my desktop to the doc and it worked!

    It appears to have put the entire file path which I am not sure why the website does not?
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    This is kind of annoying. The template implies that you only need to put in the argument {moon.jpg} but when I do that, it does not work.

    When I drag and drop an image it automatically prints the line with the entire address. But the address looks like this


    It literally prints the dots "..."

    I use a Mac and cannot figure out how to find the address for certain files?

    On PC its just right-click-->properties and you're there.

    But with Mac?
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    Not sure if that will be helpful (because I am on a Windows machine and use TeXnicCenter and MikTeX) but the following works for me:

    after the declaration of my document class I have


    then where I want my figure I use

    \caption{\label{mprop} Majorana propagator.}

    where the file propagator.eps is in the same directory as my TeX file. The factor of 0.80 simply scales down the figure to 80%.
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    Is your image in the same folder as your tex file? If so, then you should not need the entire path.
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