Macro vs Nanoscale Pyroelectric Polymers

So my question is this: Would Pyroelectric Effects become more pronounced if a polymer sheet was, instead of 1 cm thick, but rather, the thickness of a single polymer chain. For example,

say the 1 cm thick pyroelectric polymer was heated. Since it is many chains thick, it would look something like:


and all of the charges on the polymers between the top and bottom chains would cancel.

Instead, the 1 chain thick pyroelectric polymer would only look like


Am I wrong to assume that the second one would have a greater overall voltage than the first?


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Haha, I put roughly the same idea in a grant proposal several years ago. Unfortunately it never got funded, but there is more recent work suggesting that ultrathin piezoelectric polymer films show enhanced piezoelectric properties over their bulk brethren, and pyroelectricity works on a similar mechanism.

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