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Mag. 7 Indonesia Earthquake - 5th August 2018

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    That's first M7 event since Feb 2018

    The USGS have down graded it to 6.9

    The count for M7.0 - 7.9 events this year is well down on the long term averages.
    By now there should have been around 10 - 12 in that range there have been only 5 and they were all back in Jan and Feb.
    18 / year is the long term avg.

    M6.0 - 6.9 events are also well down compared to the averages. So far 49 for the year.
    The annual avg is around 130

    So far there hasn't been the M8+ event for the year either

    from my seismograph


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    I just got back last week from Bali. I've been messaging a lot of friends I made over there.
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    Everyone alright?
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    The aftershocks continue on Lombok Island.
    As I am typing this the latest respectable ( and largest, so far) aftershock is tailing off.

    M 5.9, 3km SE of Todo, Indonesia
    2018-08-09 05:25:31 (UTC), 10.0 km deep

    The red dot on the map

    This is about 40km WSW of the M6.9 main shock

    I have taken the USGS base map and added the event magnitudes to it....


    apologies for the low quality image
    the forum does a lot of compression

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    Stuff must have updated the article to 5.9.
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    Seismogram for the M 5.9 aftershock

    180809 UT M 5.9 ashk Lombok eastern Indonesia zhi2.gif
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    And again:
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