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Magnectic and electric field effects on internal combustion

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    Hello I am a first year Mechatronics major (yes its a real major), and currently looking into the effects that magnetic and electric fields have on combustion. I have a few questions.

    1) Concerning the electric field effects are the ions carried on the wall that carries the corresponding current or simply attracted to it?

    2)How would ionic wind come into play within combustion, even if the electric charge is less than the corona discharge would heated ionized air simply be pushed by any amount of electric charge? (answer seemingly is yes but I haven't found much online to be helpful)

    3) If the charge was applied from the interior then it would make the engine a Faraday cage so no eternal charge could be measured?

    4) Concerning the magnetic field I understand how it allows for a better mixture to be achieved and a better burn to be completed, however are there other contributing factors to the observed reduction in no' and co'?

    Many articles online state both these can attribute to lower emissions of engines however I was hoping for an expert(which this forum seems to have many) for a more conceptual explanation and not just test results. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    magnetic effect article http://www.insipub.com/ajbas/2010/6354-6358.pdf
    electric effect article http://www.combustion.org.uk/ECM_2007/ecm2007_papers/18-9.pdf [Broken]
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    If the charge was applied from the interior then it would make the engine a Faraday cage so no eternal charge could be measured?
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    Sorry it should say external^ and a Faraday cage is an electric field within or outside a box or cage of conductive material causes the conductor to cancel out the said field so no charge can be measured from the side of the cage the field is not being applied
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    To clarify that question I was trying to ask if the magnetic field would cause an misalignment in the conductor to disturb the Faraday cage effect.
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    Derrezed, Welcome to Physics Forums! Here there are highly educated people, highly experienced people, and both who are willing to assist others learn and advance in science and technology.

    The area of your work has great importance: increasing engine fuel economy and decreasing exhaust pollution. These have huge economic and environmental potential impacts. For this reason I think you are unlikely to receive really detailed and useful ideas and suggestions here on this public forum. In the first reference you posted the Egyptian team’s work with magnetic fields on engine’s performance and emissions is from 2010. The second reference from the German group about the effects of electric fields on emissions is from 2007. Yes, there is pressure to publish, but first new ideas should be protected by patents, and that takes time. The resulting delays mean that we here in the public get “older news”. I imagine some group working for XYZ Motor Company on just these things now. Do you think they would see your post, recognize a similar problem they already experienced and resolved, and then post their solution here in public? I think not.

    My point is to encourage you to use every possible resource possible that will help you in your research and to expect that there is competition working in parallel to you. You must be bold and innovative when you design your own experiments. And you are allowed to “stand on the shoulders of others” as you progress towards toward your design objectives.

    Good Luck! Bobbywhy
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    Bobbywhy thank you for your reply, I understand your point thank you for enlightening me. I was hoping for some help but yes you are right if any meaningful gain or understand is being developed it is very profitable, and thus be kept a secret until lawfully protected. I will just have to find my own solution through experimenting and science.
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    You are always welcome to post basic science questions here on PF! No proprietary information is involved in the basics...Faraday cages, electric and magnetic fields, charge, ion behavior, ect. Plenty of educated and experienced members are ready to help in these kinds of topics.
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