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Magnetic bullet fired through a coil can fire another bullet?

  1. Dec 26, 2011 #1
    Magnetic bullet fired through a coil can fire another bullet
    (no amplifiers, batteries, etc. are involved)

    A magnetic bullet, fired through the middle of a coil, can induce enough current that a nichrome wire connected to the ends of the winding gets hot red and is able to ignite a charge of gunpowder and so shoot another bullet.

    1) Take two small cannons like this one: http://www.indianarog.com/Cannon 3.jpg
    and charge them with gunpowder and two magnetic canon balls.
    2) Build a coil similar to this: http://info.ee.surrey.ac.uk/Workshop/advice/coils/mult_layer_air_coil.png
    not necessarily the same size. Connect its terminals with a nichrom wire and introduce it in the firing hole of the second canon.
    3) Ignite the gunpowder in the first canon with a hot red needle and shoot the magnetic ball through the middle of the coil from (2), positioned at a certain distance from its muzzle.

    Question: I do not know how to calculate the number of turns of the coil, its size, the speed of the magnetic canon ball, etc. in order to obtain enough current to make the nichrom wire red? Can you help me with a formula?

    If it does not work with nichrome maybe it works with an exploding wire that replaces the nichrome.
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    Do you have the details on the cannonball such as strength of the magnetic field? Without that there's no way to calculate anything else.
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    Well, this looks like a real safe discussion.

    Not. :tongue2: Thread closed.
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