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I Magnetic field on charged cloud

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    An electron beam can be curved into a loop using a magnetic field with flux lines at right angles to the electron beam. These electrons have a high kinetic energy leaving the electron gun.

    My question is how would a magnetic field effect motionless charged particles for example a cloud of negatively ionised gas, would it also form into a loop. I'm thinking of the auroral oval around the Earth's poles
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    Simon Bridge

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    The effect on the beam is the same as the effect on a single electron with velocity ##v## ... the magnitude force is ##F=evB## and it points at right angles to both ##\vec v## and ##\vec B## ... the effect on a cloud of stationary electrons is the same as the effect on a single stationary electron...

    (... well, there is also the effect of the electrons on each other.)
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    I have read elsewhere that a magnetic field has no effect on a stationary charged particle i.e. it does not cause a stationary charge to move or to aline to the magnetic field in any way.
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