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Magnetic materials-how to tell

  1. Oct 11, 2015 #1
    How can i tell based on looking at the periodic table what elements will be magnetic. If that is impossible what are examples of ferromagnetic materials and aside form the periodic table is there any other way to tell?

    As well what are fridge magnets made out of ? The ones with the black backs that are bendable, they almost seem like rudder.

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    Fridge magnets are some kind of rubber with pieces of ferrite in them. That is magnetic oxides of iron, like magnetite (Fe3O4) or barium ferrite. The magnetic regions are typically stripes of alternating polarity (Hallbach array), only magnetic on one side.
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    There are only 4 stable ferromagnetic elements in the periodic table. You cannot tell by just looking at the table, unless the table indicates the magnetic properties of the materials, like here:
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