Magnitude and Direction, Gravitational force Q

  1. I don't know if this is a very easy question or if I am totally missing something but the question is:

    What is the magnitude and direction of the gravitational force that acts on a women who weighs 500 N at the surface of the earth?

    From reading this, I am thinking that the magnitude would be 500 N and the direction would be towards the Earth. Is this correct? Heh, probably this is a very easy question but I just wanted to check if I am correct or totally wrong and if i am wrong, would someone be able to hint at the right direction so I can look it up? I don't quite understand all the concepts. Thank you in advanced.
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    You're doing prety good so far. You might want to clarify the direction, which is toward the center of the earth, straight down vertically.
  4. Thanks for the help and tip. Appreciate it
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