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Main reasons for using opera browser

  1. Feb 3, 2008 #1
    can anyone please say the main reasons for using opera
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    It comes straight out of the box with most features you'll ever need:
    - tab sessions
    - tab history
    - unclose tabs
    - rss reader
    - email client
    - chat client
    - voice reader (for an extra 10mb download)
    - mouse gestures
    - cookie editor
    - custom javascripts
    - speed dial
    - wand (password manager)
    - smart history (in the upcoming 9.5 you can search the history not by title, but by content!)
    - widgets (if you're into that kind of stuff)

    It's rock stable.

    I also have a Firefox installed and the only things I have extra on that one are the StumbleUpon toolbar.
    I'm keeping it around as many sites are Firefox-optimised but not Opera-optimised. Opera respects web standards, but website developers don't...
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    In my mother's case, it was revenge for me playing Black Sabbath...
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