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Major to go into Solar Energy ( particularly Nanotechnology in Solar energy )

  1. Aug 21, 2012 #1
    Hi. I will be starting college this fall and I am interested in pursuing a career in Nanotechnology - particularly its application to Solar energy. I have not declared a major at this point and was wondering what would be the best major to help me go into this field. I hear EE and Chem eng are some good options. Can you please elaborate on how each of these majors would apply to the field I'm interested in? Thank you so much for all your help. And if it matters my school has a much stronger EE dept than a chem eng dept.
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    Depends on your orientation. You could major in applied physics (or "engineering physics" or something more specific, if such exists), if you're oriented to studying extensive theoretical and scientific foundations and your main motivation is "understanding". This would direct you mainly to study solar energy technology and how to develop it.

    An engineering program is more applied and practical, which would direct you to practical applications e.g. designing and building usable solar energy technology products. Your motivation would be "I want to design and build products that use solar energy technology".

    Regarding EE or ChemEng majors, check the curricula. Nanotechnology and solar energy touch both "disciplines".
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