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Majoring in physics and working in applied physics.

  1. Apr 7, 2010 #1
    I have a question. Im going to start a major in physics next year but I cant picture myself giving classes infront of a lot of people. So im not considering to teach at all.
    If I finish a major in physics what are my chances of getting a work in engineery or applied physics only with the major of physics in Europe or in the US?

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. Oct 24, 2010 #2
    I only can study major in physics here in my country, there is no applied physics. So i really am between EE or Physics. What do you think of engineering? Looks like EE is the one witht he most physics.

    On the other hand i maybe like teaching, but at university level not high school.
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    It sounds like you have a larger issue than not being able to picture yourself teaching in front of people. Lack of communication skills will run you out of pretty much any job, or at least limit your promotion potential.
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