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Making a shop press using a electric motor

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    I'd like to make a small shop press from an electric motor, say 18'' tall max, with 6" of travel. It should be able to press say 10,000 psi and hold for several second or even maybe indefinitely.

    My question is two fold. First, what type of mechanical action would be best to turn circular motion to linear motion? A worm gear, toggle press, screw/servo, piston style press? Does it matter in terms of rigidity?

    How would you design such a rig?
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    10,000 psi over how large of an area? That tells you the total force you need to develop.

    But the first design question is going to be, why do you want to use an electric motor instead of a hydraulic ram?

    A hydraulic ram is far safer, a much more effective way of developing high forces in linear motion, and ridiculously inexpensive and durable. A 20 ton (10,000 psi across a 2"x2" area - a real brute by small shop standards) hydraulic press with 6" of travel might cost $200 ready to use, with most of the cost being the frame.
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    A fine pitch for lead screw combined with a high gear ratio driving the lead screw. You could use a ball screw if accuracy is needed.
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    Reminds me of this video:
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    Agree, the most effective method for developing high forces will be hydraulic. You could power the hydraulic ram using an electric pump if needed.
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