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Making Laptop Detect Samsung Tablet

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    Hi there

    I recently acquired a new laptop (Toshiba Satellite P50-C00E). However I am having trouble with it detecting, in My Computer, my Samsung Tab S (yes, it is on). This is when it is connected to the laptop via USB. When I first plugged it into my old laptop (HP Beats Special Edition), the laptop automatically installed the drivers/software, so I could explore the contents of my tablet in My Computer.

    I have no trouble connecting the new laptop to the tablet via Bluetooth, but would really like my laptop to see the tablet when connected via USB.

    Any help much appreciated,
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    what happens when you plug it into the laptop though USB? nothing ?
    for me, my samsung devices plug into my laptop functioned like a external harddrive or usb... which wont pop up any installation
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    Yeah, nothing. It charges the tablet, but that is about it. I don't hear the sound I do when I, say, put in a USB stick.
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    maybe you can try to check the settings on your tablet. i've forgotten where to check it but there's a setting in the tablet that choose what happen when connected to a usb hub( charge and do nothing, usb mass storage, speed up system, ect....)
    not sure about the settings in your laptop though...
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