Making nonpermanent hydrophilic surface

  1. Hello everyone,
    i am looking for information on relatively simple ways to make a glass surface (microscope slide) hydrophilic, so a water film on this glass sample can be made as thin as possible (100 - 500 um). It does not have to be permanent, so perhaps someone can recommend some easily obtainable chemicals (if there are any) that would perform such a task by covering the sample with them. Complicated coating techniques are not favourable in such a practice.
    Much thanks.
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    Welcome to PF;
    Hmmm ... I suppose you could try to make it positive charged and coat it with an insulator (varnish?)
    ... rub the glass with ethanol? That would be very temporary, and smeary too.
    Can't think of a good way to do it easily.
  4. As far, as I know, glass has perfect wettability by water(week liquid on a strong solid). So, all you need is to clean it, especially from grease(week surface)
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    use RainX Anti Fog or make your own with this.
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