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Master thesis acknowledgments page

  1. Jul 17, 2011 #1
    I have checked google and I get different opinions on what is appropriate to put in an acknowledgement page.

    Basically, I thank my school, my advisor, a couple fellow grad students, and then my immediate family.

    But, I also include two sentences to thank a former professor and a former coworker who both have helped me a lot academically and technically before I started my grad school program, but they had nothing to do with my work in grad school.

    Is this appropriate to include the former professor and coworker in my thanks? I think I owe them a lot, but I know I can't thank everyone under the sun and I don't want to upset my advisor if I'm thanking others who he doesn't even know or is aware of.
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    Thank those who you want to thank, not those who you think others expect you to thank.
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    You are free to write anything (within boundaries) in the acknowledgement section. I have even written lyrics from songs in my Master's acknowledgements :tongue:
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