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Masters research project help =)

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    I am currently a masters student in a compsci program. I am thinking about doing my research thesis on a topic in computational physics. Is anyone involved in this area of research? I am looking for a decent topic for the masters level but havent found anything suitable.

    John Adam

    I asked in another part of this forum but I think this might be a better place to ask.
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    Computational physics...thats exactly the same thing which excites me..

    Quantum Computing is one area that requires heavy computations..

    One area which i am familiar with which requires computations is Focussed ion Beam System..because you have to treat each ion discretely and analyse it..Apparently what i feel is that if you can apply computer knowledge to any field you consider if you have expertised in it..i am saying if you can juggle both balls well..
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    this might be a tough one for you. computational physics is physics first and comp sci second. so unless you have a firm background in physics finding a topic in comp phys might be impossible for you.
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    what is base of this statement..
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    I work with 3 computational physicists.
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    It is important to clarify that the standard program of "computational physics" is a PHYSICS DEGREE that emphasizes on computational methods. Thus, you are a physicist first and foremost. It is why a "computational physics" course is not normally offered by the computer science department but by the physics department. It is why computational physics professionals are under the wing of the a Physics society such as the APS rather than under a computer professional society.

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    My background is Compscience/Mathematics but I have also taken
    Physics I and II, Modern Physics, Electromagetic Theory, Quantum Mechanics, Statics, Dynamics Thermodynamics and a graduate E&M COurse which I recieved a B in all my classes.

    I would like to go into physics but since I am doing computer science I felt I could attemp some computational physics research and at the doctoral level taken enough physics classes to qualify for another masters degree while I work on my pHd for Computers.

    I just do not know if I should go into physics or stay in computer.
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