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A Material for superheated water

  1. Jan 26, 2016 #1

    I would like to do some experiment with superheated water on several hight temperature deegres (300, 450, 600, 750, 850, 900 °C). There is a problem and I need help. What kind of material could hold pressure of superheated water for a longer period of time (one week)? Please notice that material will be also under high temperature mention above, so it should not became softener under those condition of mixture of temperatude and pressure caused by superheated water.
    Does someone have an idea or solution how to do this?


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    Welcome to PF!

    What is this for and what is your level of knowledge? What you describe is inherently dangerous and we do not give assistance with dangerous projects unless the person undertaking them is qualified (which is generally not the case of someone asking on an internet forum).
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    Hello Russ,

    I want to do experiment of creating coil and /or oil or at least something that will be similiar to those two. (Water and wood is what is need combine with high temperature and time. Difference between oil and coil is the that in the case of coil water goes thrue the earth and in the case of oil it stay with wood to the end of process. Similar to this:
    I can do a lot of things in practice. This is what I do for a living www.aluminijumskicamci.co.rs I have the MSc title and I'm from Europe.

    Nebojsa Sarac
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    You did not answer Russ Waters' question about your qualifications. Many thousands of people have been killed by boiler explosions.

    Qualifications include knowledge of boiler design codes and certification, not science laboratory experience.
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    What do you mean i didn't answer? Did you read the post above? I put my title MSc in engineering and even my web site where you can see my last name on every boat, yacht, catamarans and construction containers I have been made! I know how to do things in practise and what is danger and how to avoid it (such is boiler explosions). About boiler design knowledge - I built the heating system for my house and it is done by hot water that goes under the floor (not sure how you call this type of heating in english)
    Now , do you two, Russ and anorlunda know how to do this or you don't know? Are you just what I called a "good in theoretical physics"?
    Nebojsa Sarac
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    That is not what boiler design is about.

    Many materials can contain the required pressure for years, if the walls and joints are thick enough. But those design details cannot come from an internet forum.
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    Thread closed.

    You didn't say engineering (nor what kind) that I can see, and didn't discuss the other relevant qualifications mentioned. The biggest red flag though is asking about the materials to use. The answer to such a question is almost always "steel" and is a trivial piece of the puzzle, so asking the question strongly implies extremely limited knowledge of the subject.

    900C is way above the critical temperature for water and the explosive energy you'll be dealing with is enormous. It is not safe for you to be undertaking this project. Please don't do it.
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