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Material of construction for reactor (SS 304 or SS 316)

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    Would SS304 or SS316 be a better choice for a reactor containing 200 kg/hr sulphuric acid (97%), 2000 kg/hr methanol (98%) and 3500 kg/hr free fatty acids mixture? My initial choice was SS304 since the sulphuric acid amount was little, but upon reading more on methanol, I'm considering about 316 right now. Any suggestions on this?

    The reaction is carried out at 75 C and 450 kPa.
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    Have you looked at the corrosive properties of the two steels? Then you should consider the cost of each material, and a life cycle analysis of the reactor. That should get you started, maybe some more knowledgeable folks can chime in here too.
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    Yeah I went through the corrosion handbook for sulphuric acid, but since it's only in a very small amount, I don't think it'll affect much. My concern is on methanol, but I couldn't find much info on corrosion for methanol at high concentration and temperature.
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