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Materials Models and Simulations for Nuclear Fuels

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    The MMSNF Workshops aim at stimulating research and discussions on modelling and simulations of nuclear fuels and coupling the results with fuel performance codes. The aspect of fission-product modelling (not only important for fuel performance but also with respect to safety) is included in this. Brief presentations of multi-scale (first principles, atomistic, meso-scale, and continuum) theory-based models and simulations of material properties are encouraged. Experimental results that define requirements, guide or challenge the models are also welcome. The presentations are followed by discussions of each session’s theme. All presentations will be loaded on to a CD and distributed to participants.

    MMSNF-5 Workshop, Nice, France, 1-2 June 2006


    Previous workshops



    Basically the program is about Computational Physics!
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    Not attending but will certainly get my hands on the proceedings. Only need to hear the keyword "multi-scale" to :!!) .
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    I won't be at this one either, but I hope to be involved down the road. I have to many other things going on at the moment. :biggrin:
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