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Math and physics book to read over the summer

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    Hi guys,

    I am going to major in physics in the fall,but I will be studying alot this summer. I just finished AP physics,AP calculus AB,chemistry it was good but I think the AP calculus AB isn't really rigorous or challenging. I currently have in my mind those reading list for books

    Spivak and stewart.
    Khan academy

    For physics:
    I thinking about reading University physics young and freedman.

    What other book do you suggest reading over the summer? I don't really go out much so I have alot of time in my hand that I can cover it in summer.
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    If you want to do mathematics theorem-proof, I don't think the Khan academy will help you very much. It is mostly geared toward doing problems rather than proving theorems.

    If you don't have much previous exposure to physics I think Y&F is a good read. I learned special relativity and electromagnetism from it one summer.
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    What would you suggest for math reading material that treat the subject rigorously.
    I already did calculus I in ap calculus AB but I want to do it and calculus II rigorously with proofs with many challenging questions on the end of chapter.
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    I have never read Spivak, but I hear it's good and rigorous. I don't think you can go wrong with Spivak. If you don't like his style, I have also heard good things about Apostol.
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    Cool I will try those books.
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    If you already know calculus, then doing Stewart and khan academy is useless. Try to focus on Spivak, that'll be challenging enough.

    If you're unfamiliar with rigorous texts, then you might try out "How to think like a mathematician" by Houston.
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    read the Feynman lectures
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    Thanks I will use these resource that should keep me busy :).
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