Math curriculum through middle school and Highschool

  1. Im am guessing that it is generelly the same for all of north america. does anyone know the curriculum for each grade or a website that shows this? thanks
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  3. It really depends on your specific school. Most schools teach Algebra I in 9th grade, Geometry in 10th Grade, Algebra II/Trigonometry in 11th Grade, and Pre-Calculus in 12th Grade.

    If you're in an honors program, it's the same thing except move everything back one year (Algebra I starts in 8th Grade), and Calculus is taught in 12th grade.
  4. so basically it is : pre algebra , algebra 1, geometry, algebra 2/trigonometry , pre cal, cal.

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    do you want to meet some local school requirements, or learn the basic math? if the latter, ignore curricula, and just learn algebra and geometry. the best high schoolbooks on these topics are by harold jacobs. if you also want to study calculus, try an old book, like the early books by thomas, or the one by cruse and granberg, or the second edition of the book by stewart, or the 9th edition of the book by thomas and finney.

    a much better book, but one that is a little advanced, is that by courant.
  6. sort of, pre algebra is almost always taught in middle school. It's really a review of basic past arithmetic and an introduction to variables (not that hard if you've paid any attention at all in school).

    EDIT: Also, if you're not in high school yet, or are in high school, inquire about any advanced routes. I was able to skip Pre Algebra, so I took Geometry in 8th grade, Alg. II/Trig in 9th grade, Pre-Calc in 10th grade, and AP Calc in 11th grade. I had the option of taking AP Statistics in 12th grade, but opted for AP Bio instead (my school has terrible scheduling).
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