What is middle school: Definition and 18 Discussions

A middle school (also known as intermediate school, junior high school, junior secondary school, or lower secondary school) is an educational stage which exists in some countries, providing education between primary school and secondary school. The concept, regulation and classification of middle schools, as well as the ages covered, vary between and sometimes within countries.

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  1. V

    Does Time Dilation Differ Between Earth's Day Side and Night Side?

    I’m physics curious and a middle school science teacher. I was wondering about time dilation on day side of Earth vs. night side. Pervect gave an interesting response on the subject in 2005, complete with link. The link doesn’t work and I cannot find the paper on OpenSky. I’m hoping someone can...
  2. FactChecker

    Series of science-themed novels for middle school in 1960s

    In the 1960s there was a series of science-themed novels for middle school children. Each book began with a boy accidentally meeting a scientist or science-club member and being introduced to the subject. I remember one about rockets, one about geology (and one about archeology?). I don't...
  3. bhobba

    University Subjects At Middle School

    This one has really got me thinking: https://edsource.org/2016/college-classes-for-middle-school-students-its-happening-in-hayward/93885 Maybe we are setting standards far too low for students even under (US) high school age? I know there are programs in the US where you can graduate HS with...
  4. L

    Studying Beginning physics knowledge while in middle school

    Hi, I'm slowly making my way through eighth grade, and bored - though I'm set to enroll in an ib high school next year in order to dodge the costly mess, still for the duration of 8th grade I'll probably have a lot of free time, since I have no means of transportation right now. I think that...
  5. L

    Middle School teacher: battery storage

    Hello PF, I am a middle school teacher in Humboldt county, CA and teach physical science to eighth graders. We are beginning our electricity and magnetism unit and have students have experimented with making a light bulb illuminate using a battery and copper wire. My question is, if we make a...
  6. L

    The Space Between Atoms -- Teaching Middle School

    Hi guys, I know that if we consider a basic atomic model ( not considering quantum mechanics here) that an atom is mostly empty space ( 99.99999%) or something like that. But how about the space between the atoms? Would it be appropriate to tell middle school students...8th graders... that...
  7. M

    MHB Description of how to solve six middle school geometry problems

    My daughter needs some math assistance that I am not able to help her on. I would like someone who is experienced in middle school math (12-14 year olds) and who can explain how to go about each of these problems. The actual test is in 12 hours and will have different problems. But these six...
  8. K

    News Middle School Anti-Bullying Lesson Includes Lesbian Role Play

  9. F

    ADR for Middle School Science fair project (Magnetic Refrigeration)

    Hi, I'm curious about doing a middle school science fair project showing how magnetism can be used to cool Gadolinium and thus demonstrate the basis of magnetic refrigeration (ADR). From what I've read it looks like the requirements for generating the required magnetic field would make such...
  10. K

    Introducing African American Scientists to kids in Middle School- High School

    1. Dr. Meredith Gourdine for Physics- Physicist who is best known for finding a successful method to use the principles of EGD to directly convert gas to electricity. 2. Percy Julian for Biology- He created derivative drugs to treat glaucoma and arthritis. 3. Lloyd A. Hall for Chemistry-...
  11. W

    Starting the Path to becoming a Theoretical/Astrophysicist from Middle School

    Hi all! For a year or two, I've been extremely interested in physics for the past two years. I've decided for sure that I want to be a Theoretical or Astrophysicist now. I'm currently in the first quarter of my Eighth Grade Year. All of middle school I've been an A/High B student in gifted...
  12. T

    Middle school and high school math texts

    This question is aimed primarily towards educators teaching math to grades 7-10. I am a math major doing some research in math education for a summer project I am working on. What are some of the standard texts currently in use for the subjects of pre-algebra, algebra 1, and geometry? Also, what...
  13. A

    Experiment for middle school with Uniform Acceleration

    1. I must present an experiment for middleschool children about Uniform Acceleration or paraboles to teach them how it works. I've tried some stuff but maybe to complicated to fabricate or reproduce, for example, I wanted to do a catapult that made a small parabole and predict where it...
  14. P

    Math curriculum through middle school and Highschool

    Im am guessing that it is generelly the same for all of north america. does anyone know the curriculum for each grade or a website that shows this? thanks
  15. Ivan Seeking

    Walter Reed Middle School or Army Hospital?

    This is too funny! It is like comedy central today. http://blog.wired.com/27bstroke6/2008/09/john-mccain-acc.html Edit: The McCain camp now says that it was just supposed to be a photo of Americana - a school and flag - and not Walter Reed Medical.
  16. C

    Middle School Science Question: Conductivity of Water

    My 8th grade students are doing a comparison of ionic and covalent compounds, comparing their electrical conductivity. We see that water is not a good conductor. So why is it so dangerous to have electricity around water?
  17. K

    Empowering Middle School Girls in STEM

    my project involves doing something that involves community service work... I wanted to do a project on middle school girls to encourage them to pursue engineering, because the number of women engineers in US (or any other place in general I think) does not look very promising. Now, I...
  18. N

    Three quizzes from our exam(junior middle school grade 3)

    #1, x , y are real number, x>=y>=1, 2*x^2-xy-5x+y+4=0,then x+y=? #2,look at the Attach image,ABCD is a square,and EFGH is a quadrangle, angle BEG and angle CFH are both sharp angles. EG=3(units),FH=4(units), the acreage of EFGH is 5, question: what is the acreage of ABCD? #3 the...