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Math Minor for MSE in Comp. Engineering

  1. May 15, 2012 #1
    While doing my master's I have to take a sequence of two classes in math. My master's is in Computer Engineering, mostly on subject of embedded systems, computer architecture and OS, with focus on power management for my thesis.

    List below shows recommended course sequences:
    First option will be impossible to take just because it will not be offered during next two semesters.

    Next I was thinking to take EE629 & 630, which is basically advanced math course covering wide range of topics. Some of those topics I already touched in previous classes and some sections seems to be suited more for mechanical or electrical engineering (which I did for my undergraduate degree).

    However, what do you think of Combinatorial Enumeration, Graph Theory and Combinatorial Algorithms? This would be more specific and possibly I can get more from those classes and it will be something new to me (especially Graph Theory). I also got somewhat interested in graph theory after doing a little research...... However, how useful would two of those classes (MA540 & MA640 or MA640 & MA740)? What would be possible applications of those math courses?

    Or maybe.. someone can recommend me something else to take from mathematical curriculum.

    How about taking something like Numerical Analysis and Linear Algebra?
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