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Courses Math minor looking for course advice

  1. Aug 28, 2011 #1
    Hello. I am looking for a little bit of advice concerning particular classes. I just switched my minor to math and need some information to help me decide on two courses. Which two classes do you guys recommend to take based on their general applicability to multiple other fields, overall utility, and "wow" factor? Currently I am registered for Calculus 3 and Linear Algebra. Thank you very much for any help. :)

    >Linear Algebra
    >Calculus 3
    >Intro to Abstract Math (set theory, logic, methods of mathematical proof)
    >Discrete Math (Mathematical methods of computer science and computer engineering. Mathematical reasoning, sets, relations, functions, Boolean algebra, combinatorics, graphs)
    >Intro to Ordinary Differential Equations
    >Intro to Numerical Analysis (Interpolation, quadrature, numerical solution of algebraic and transcendental equations, optimization)
    >Advanced Calculus (Rigorous and comprehensive treatment of theoretical concepts of calculus. Real number systems, sequences, series, continuity, differentiation and integration of functions of one variable. Requires Calc 3 pre-req)
    >Survey of Modern Algebra (Algebraic systems, equivalence classes, groups, rings, fields, unique factorization domains)
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    Do you only need two of those classes for the minor or do you need more? What do you want to end up doing?
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    If you can only pick 2 from that list, then you made the right choice. You can hardly do the rest of that list without at least Multivariable + Linear Algebra. Excluding those 2, it's based more on interest since all of them are quite useful in multiple fields.

    Do you like calculations or applied fields (numerical analysis, ODEs, discrete, real analysis)? Do you like pure math (abstract algebra, discrete, real analysis)? Some have overlaps, but all are practically foundations in multiple fields.
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    Yes. I only need two more classes from that list to complete the minor requirement. I plan to go into medicine, but decided to minor in math out of interest and personal enrichment.

    Hmmm. For now I would like to study more applied math.
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