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Math programs in canada vs math programs in the US

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    How would you say the undergrad math program at say waterloo university would stack up against the top undergrad math programs in the US? (for pure math in particular)
    I'm asking because we don't do SATs where I'm from, at school, so I'd have to do SAT as something extra... which wouldn't be much of a problem if I didn't have so many exams at school already. However Canada does accept what we do here (an A level equivalent) and I wouldn't have to do any extra exams... I just hate long boring exams like the SAT1 and 2 hahaha. Thanks in advance
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    http://www.topuniversities.com/university-rankings/world-university-rankings/2010/subject-rankings/natural-sciences [Broken]

    You can try that, its natural sciences though, not sure if Math fits in that category.
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    hey thanks alot for the reply man... and yeah I guess that helped for comparison.. but I also want to look at it from specifically a math program perspective and also I find it hard to make decisions based on rankings too.. thanks again for the reply I really appreciate it.
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