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Schools Math REUs 2016

  1. Feb 21, 2016 #1
    Going off last years thread, 2016 math reu acceptances (or general discussion)

    Has anyone heard back yet?
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  3. Feb 21, 2016 #2
    Haven't heard anything yet. It seems Emory's participants have all been chosen because they're listed on the site, but I'm guessing it's the usual crop of MIT / Harvard and Emory kids.

    Based on last year's info I'm guessing some first-round acceptance stuff will go out pretty soon, like within the next week or two?
  4. Feb 24, 2016 #3
    Judging by last year's thread, we should be hearing back from SMALL and a few other programs right about now. Has anyone heard anything this far this week?
  5. Feb 24, 2016 #4
    Acceptances have been sent out for SMALL already.
  6. Feb 24, 2016 #5
    Okay, thanks for the reply. Does anyone have any news about Potsdam or TAMU or any other programs?
  7. Feb 24, 2016 #6
    Have all SMALL projects been filled?

    I know WADE is still interviewing.
  8. Feb 24, 2016 #7
    I emailed them and they said they're not quite done with the process but that they're pretty sure I didn't get it, meaning that they're probably still filling up, but almost done.
  9. Feb 25, 2016 #8
    For SMALL, do you always have to make it to the shortlist to get in? Or is it specific to some groups like the Number Theory one.
  10. Feb 25, 2016 #9
    Shortlists? How long are those? From the name (and not based on other knowledge), it sounds like you have to make it to that stage to get in.
  11. Feb 25, 2016 #10
    Im not 100% but i think that you do have to make it on the shortlist first.
  12. Feb 25, 2016 #11
    West Georgia is still making decisions it seems. Any update on the others?
  13. Feb 25, 2016 #12
    Even for the Geometry project? I have never heard of anyone mentioning the geom shortlist before.
  14. Feb 25, 2016 #13
    That was my (unfounded) impression, but like I said, I'm not certain.
  15. Feb 28, 2016 #14
    How do you guys prioritize
    • prestige of the program
    • likelihood of publication
    • how interesting the topic is to you
    • location/the "fun" factor
  16. Feb 28, 2016 #15
    Should be sending decisions this week: UCSB, DIMACS, WADE
    Not for a while: Kansas, Seattle U

    Updates on SMALL?
  17. Feb 28, 2016 #16
    @test123321 I think it depends on your situation. For me it would be my first time doing original research, so even though I'm only considering places with topics that interest me I would go somewhere that I feel would help me learn and grow more over somewhere that might have a slightly more interesting topic. It's definitely difficult to come up with a definitive way to rank programs given all of the factors, and I think it depends greatly on what you think will help you grow most as well as on your personal preferences (ex: working on your own versus with others).

    @alex89029 did/does UCSB do shortlist notifications or anything like that, or will decisions this week be the first piece of info coming from them?
  18. Feb 28, 2016 #17
    @cubsin5 I don't think they do shortlists
  19. Feb 28, 2016 #18
    Anyone know anything about SUNY or TAMU?

    UT Tyler and SHSU should both notify around the second or third week of March.
  20. Feb 28, 2016 #19
    Since Emory currently has 12 participants listed on their site (and they estimate 10-14), is it safe to say they're done with acceptances?
  21. Feb 28, 2016 #20
    That would be my guess.

    @WhatIsCohomology I haven't heard anything from Potsdam or TAMU as of yet.
  22. Feb 29, 2016 #21
    I got into Cornell with no funding (they only give fundings for Cornell students). Is it worth going when I have a much less prestigious program but with fundings? Btw, I'm a sophomore, so I have one more chance.
  23. Feb 29, 2016 #22
    This is my first semester applying to math REUs (current sophomore). I received an acceptance from UCSB yesterday morning - does anyone know how good of a program it is? I'm just curious... I haven't heard from anyone else yet.
  24. Feb 29, 2016 #23
    I don't have personal experience with the program, but judging by their list of publications and projects, and some threads I've read on here, it seems like a quite good program. Someone with personal experience can probably speak more to that, though.
  25. Feb 29, 2016 #24
    Anyone know anything about Cornell REU? I got into the PDE one.
  26. Feb 29, 2016 #25
    I'm in a similar boat as you, Miao. I'm a soph that got into Cornell's prog. but am a bit iffy on saying if I'll go for sure. I'm in the analysis on fractals group if I do go. I heard from a friend that it was a great program and she really enjoyed it, though I do not have a very detailed comparison or even description.
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