Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences

  1. I have been self studying this book by Mary L.Boas for a while which is a treat to study for its great depth. However, the problem of mine is though I have been able to solve most of the problems of this book, there are some really tough Questions in this book which are very hard to solve. So, are there any websites of Universities or links to the solutions of this great book. I will be very happy if you guys could post them. Thanks........
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  3. Use Google. The solutions are probably out there if you look hard enough.
  4. I searched with google everywhere for the solutions , but couldnot find any.
  5. Look harder. I googled "Boas solutions" and some very unambiguous results came up. That and the fact that you are basically asking for freebies to what is probably homework (we have no way to tell on the internet what your intentions are) makes this thread highly suspicious, at least to me.
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