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Courses Mathematics in Physics vs Business/Econs

  1. Jan 20, 2017 #1
    Hi guys, i'm whether or not the difficulty in undergraduate business /economics mathematics matches up to that of physics, or even vice versa. This is mainly because i'm trying to make decision on whether or not to take up business/economics as an elective course alongside my Physics major.

    Any opinions and suggestions?
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    The mathematics is physics will be way harder than that in business and economics. Of course, you can go for mathematical economics, which has pretty rough mathematics itself.
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    Thanks for the info. What's the scope of math in mathematical econs and its difficulty level compared to physics then?
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    Since I assume you are talking about undergrad, I can say that the mathematical level in physics far surpasses the equivalent in an introductory business or economics class.

    micromass is correct in saying that scope of math in mathematical economics can be extensive, but it's unlikely you'll see any of this until senior (maybe 3rd or 4th year) economics class at a minimum (more likely in 1st year graduate level economics classes), and the level of mathematics would about on par with what you would learn in a physics or math degree program at any rate.
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    Thanks for the insight, cheers :)
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