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Homework Help: Mathematics of the trebuchet

  1. Nov 27, 2005 #1
    I was just woundering how to find the distance of a projectile, when thrown by a trebuchet, mathematicly?
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  3. Nov 27, 2005 #2
    This should probably be moved to the general physics section, as its not really a homework problem. That said, the explanation is long and unwieldy, though I did find a few links for you


    http://www.ripcord.ws/FATAnalysis.PDF <--- not sure how much math you have under your belt, but I found this one the most interesting of the lot

    http://home.att.net/~wjahsman-mta/RetroMechanics.pdf [Broken]
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    Here's a simple Java algorhythm that I used when building mine. There is a downloable versio that a bit more user friendly that I like.

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