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Matlab - graphing multivariable functions

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    I am taking a vector calculus course and am having trouble figuring out how to graph things in Matlab to verify my answers.

    Here is exactly what I want to do:
    I want to graph side by side two different graphs simultaneously, so I can compare them.

    I will give you the equations of the two planes I am attempting to graph side by side. If someone could write the code for me to graph these side by side, then I am sure I can play around with the code and figure out how to graph other functions.

    I want to graph side by side the planes:
    Z = (-1/4)x + y - 19
    Z = (-1/3)x + (2/3)y - 4

    Thanks in advance!
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    Type "help subplot". This tells you how to plot multiple graphs in the same figure for convenient pictures
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    I have tried that, but I still don't understand how to do it.

    If someone could write the code to do what I am trying to do for those two equations I gave, then I would be EXTREMELY grateful.
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    Is this enough? It will show you how to plot two vectors next to each other.

    Code (Text):

    t = 0:0.01:10;
    f1 = sin(t);
    f2 = cos(t);


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    Awesome! Thanks!
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    Try explot also.

    ezplot((-1/4)x + y - 19) I think that should work. If not try
    plot3d((-1/4)x + y - 19),x,-10,10,y,-10,10) x and y ranges are -10 to 10
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