Matter-antimatter ship in GR clock paradox - fuel consumption

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recall the familiar round trip - it's more or less the same as in this arXiv article ( - round trip with acceleration g. me and my friends were wondering the following:
imagine that the passenger abroad the rocket travels for 4 years and the ship alone is 1000t. (or any other number, it doesn't matter)
how much matter-antimatter (100% efficiency, E=mc2) fuel would the ship need?

we don't even agree wheter m(t) is trivial from the boundary conditions, let alone m(x),
and we are working in GR framework...
can anyone tell me how to solve this one?

Hi malin, welcome to PF,

The" [Broken] page covers all of this. For a 4.3 light-year trip stopping at the end you require 38 kg of fuel (at 100% efficiency) for every 1 kg of payload.
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