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Mature student vs gap year student

  1. Jan 20, 2016 #1
    I am applying to the universities but I think I am bit confused with something.
    Actually I am applying to the universities after taking a year gap. But some universities are asking me to make my decision between these two option:
    Mature student or high school student
    gap year student or high school student
    Is the term mature student and gap year student same. Or does mature student refers to somebody who is coming back to college after graduating from high school for more than 2 or more years.

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    If the university uses those terms separately, it probably has a definition for them somewhere. Try looking for it online and if you can't find it, call or email them to figure out which category you fit into.
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    Unless your university specifies the given time period you were away from previous study before defining you as a mature age, and if you have relevant past educational experience that can support your application which hasn't become void yet, my personal opinion is that you should go with the gap year student choice unless you have certain work related experiences you can prove, which might enhance your chances at the degree you're after.

    a) select Mature age if uni policy defines you to be;
    b) select Not mature age if definition is loose and you have more educational experience than work experience;
    c) select Mature age if you have better work experience related credentials than educational experience.

    but then even if (a) holds, and you still have more educational credentials than work credentials, I'd be inclined to still select b) if your uni allows that. In such a case, I'd speak with the uni and ask them for such advice.

    Do what benefits you, not what the system pushes you around to be :)
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