What is College application: Definition and 15 Discussions

College application is the process by which individuals apply to gain entry into a college or university. Although specific details vary by country and institution, applications generally require basic background information of the applicant, such as family background, and academic or qualifying exam details such as grade point average in secondary school and standardized testing scores.

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  1. autumnhogan

    Will getting a D in first semester AP Physics C cause my university acceptances to be revoked?

    I'm a senior in high school taking AP Physics C (equivalent of college calculus based physics mechanics and electricity/magnetism). Through junior year I had a 3.9 unweighted, 4.33 weighted GPA with all A's besides a B and C sophomore year due to mental health issues explained in my application...
  2. K

    Admissions Independent Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Math exams

    My daughter (14 years old) is considering to be an independent learner for her high school so that she can pursue her other (serious) interest in sports. Whereas she is focused on her sport, she also wants to study in a flexible environment, the basic sciences and math in both of which she is...
  3. Smog

    Applied Math or Physics: Which Degree is Right for You?

    Hi Everyone still undecided on weather to go for a Applied Math degree or go with Physiscs
  4. Prof Sabi

    Schools Should I add KSP in my MIT college application?

    Hello family, :smile: I am applying to MIT this year for fall of 2019 in dept of Aero And Astro I am seeking for some advice, that if there is any space for adding KSP missions(Obviously successful ones) in my college application and also some of Astrodynamics and Astrophysics I know... My Mini...
  5. Willow Wanda

    Schools Hey everybody - I need to pick a major for college applications

    Hello y'all! I'm a high school student and I'm looking for some advice:) I am very interested in physics, quantum mechanics in particular. I'm a bit of an overachiever, and I usually overthink everything. I come from a family of doctors, and although they don't pressure me into following in...
  6. W

    Schools Applying to schools without the type of engineering I want?

    I'm a rising high school senior with an interest in industrial engineering. Although I'm aware that plenty of people graduate with degrees completely different from what they wanted to do in high school, industrial engineering is what I want to major in right now. Industrial engineering...
  7. randomguy2335

    UC Berkeley vs. UC San Diego for Physics PhD: Which is the Better Choice?

    Undergrad physics major, interested in going to grad school for PhD, currently deliberating between UC Berkeley and UC San Diego.
  8. Biscuit

    Schools Common College Application Activities -- what should I list?

    I am applying to OSU and when filling out the common app there are 10 slots for activities. I have taken online physics classes since the 9th grade. Would this be something I could put down as an activity?
  9. risp

    Engineering Suggest to me which engineering major should I go for

    I am currently in a high school IB student with Physics, Chemistry and Maths as HL. I want to take up a career in nuclear engineering but not as a researcher instead I want to solve real life problems and work in a power plant or a shipyard which makes nuclear-powered submarines and ships. I...
  10. davidbenari

    Schools Dual citizenship, which should I use for college application

    I am a dual mexican and american citizen but I study in Mexico and I need to apply to other colleges for an international exchange. My question to you is: do you think I should apply to other colleges as a mexican or as an american? I'm applying to Canada, Europe, and the US. I was thinking...
  11. MarkCJ

    Schools Need college admission advice

    Hi, I'm Mark. Currently I self-study Physics and Mathematics. I have secondary school and GED degree, and I'm not a native English speaker. I'm wondering if I want to apply to college for 2017, what I have to do? What test do I need. Who am I suppose to get a recommendation letters from, can I...
  12. ujjwal3097

    Mature student vs gap year student

    Hi I am applying to the universities but I think I am bit confused with something. Actually I am applying to the universities after taking a year gap. But some universities are asking me to make my decision between these two option: Mature student or high school student or gap year student...
  13. ujjwal3097

    What should i write in this essay prompt ?

    Hi everyone I am applying to University of Michigan. There is prompt in the application that is giving me some hard time so I need some suggestion from anyone who is willing to help me. Essay prompt : Everyone belongs to many different communities and/or groups defined by (among other things)...
  14. ujjwal3097

    Schools Is it Okay to Write Broadly About Future Goals for a College Physics Essay?

    hi i am applying to Georgia tech and there a question that asking about what you want to do in future . so i am writing that i will get physics degree then for advance study i will enroll in grad school and after my phd i would like to work as a scientist in NASA astronomy department . what I...
  15. ujjwal3097

    Overcoming Social Anxiety: My Story

    I have written a common app essay about my social anxiety disorder and how I overcame it and how it made me stronger but I am bit confused that whether this topic will be apt for college essay.I am thinking it might have a negative impact on my profile but I also want to write about it because...