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Maxima CAS question re: forcing evaluation

  1. Mar 30, 2010 #1
    I'm wondering if anyone knows how, using the Maxima CAS, to force the evaluation of an expression? For example, if a function returns something like the following as a solution:

    [tex]-\frac{{2}^{\frac{6}{4\,log\left( 2\right) -5}+2}-5\,\left( \frac{6}{4\,log\left( 2\right) -5}+2\right) }{log\left( 2\right) \,{2}^{\frac{6}{4\,log\left( 2\right) -5}+2}-5}+\frac{6}{4\,log\left( 2\right) -5}+2[/tex]

    it sure would be nice to ask Maxima to evaluate it to a certain number of digits! :uhh:
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  3. Apr 11, 2011 #2
    Hi bitrex,

    Have you found the answer to your question ? I am quite interested in too.
    Maxima give me the following result and I don't manage Maxima to evaluate where as my TI-89 succeed !
    \[\int_{0}^{0.25}\int_{-\frac{\pi }{32}}^{\frac{\pi }{32}}\frac{\mathrm{cos}\left( \phi-\frac{\pi }{8}\right) }{{\left( {\left( -z-0.05\right) }^{2}-4\,\mathrm{cos}\left( \phi-\frac{\pi }{8}\right) +5\right) }^{\frac{3}{2}}}d\phi\,\left( -z-0.05\right) dz\]

    What is the keyword to force evaluation in Maxima ?

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