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Maximum concentration, molarity, of Carbonic Acid ?

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    What is the maximum concentration, Moles/liter, possible for one liter of
    H2CO3 at STP.
    And how is that calculated ?
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    First of all - maximum concentration doesn't depend on the volume, it will be the same in gallon and in a drop.

    Second - this is very ambiguous question. STP doesn't define partial pressure of carbon dioxide, and that's what concentration of dissolved carbon dioxide will depend on. That's the easy part, but it not giving the answer.

    Then, even knowing concentration of carbon dioxide, we don't know concentration of carbonic acid, as we can't easily measure equilibrium of the reaction

    H2O + CO2 <-> H2CO3

    instead we can measure equilibrium of the overall process yielding dissociated HCO3- and H+:

    H2O + CO2 <-> HCO3- + H+

    but that again doesn't answer the question.
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