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Meaning of labs-on-a chip in imicrofluidic devices

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    meaning of " labs-on-a chip" in imicrofluidic devices

    hi everybody
    I dont understand the meaning of " labs-on-a chip" when imicrofluidic devices is the principal topic. Also, I'd like to ask what it is a microfluidic device
    thank you if you can help me .
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    Claude Bile

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    Lab-on-a-chip is a concept whereby a microfluidic sample can be optically analysed using integrated optics, allowing spectroscopic and other forms of analysis to be performed using a single substrate (hence the term lab-on-a-chip).

    A microfluidic devices is one where fluid is passed through channels with sub-millimetre dimensions.

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    "Lab on a chip" refers to the capability of microsystems technology to perform chemical analyses or processes on a chip, the advantage being faster response times, higher resolution, and higher portability/lower power consumption of the diagnostics compared to doing the same processes on a larger scale. Microfluidics provide the means for transporting, mixing and reacting the chemicals in the lab-on-chip device, thus they are often synonymous, although sometimes the term "microfluidics" refers more specifically to the study of mass/fluid/heat transport at the microscale.
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