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Homework Help: Measuring distance using Ek and Ep?

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    measuring distance using Ek and Ep??!

    okay, so the problem gives the following information
    a car(1 tonne) is travelling at 75km/hr, up a hill. Assuming gravity is 9.8ms-2 , how far will the car travel?

    so far ive done:
    Ek= (.5 x m x v^2)
    Ek= 36450000J

    36450000=m x g x h
    36450000=9800 x H
    36450000/9800= H
    H= 3719.38m

    is this correct?
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    It would help if one shows the substitution of the values.

    1/2 mv2 = 0.5 * 1000 kg * (______ m/s)2? Make sure units are consistent.
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