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Mechanical design engineering hanbook site

  1. Aug 11, 2012 #1
    Hello all,

    Maybe it will be a silly idea, but I fink about design engineering database-handbook site creation. In this site will be published something like: material standards, fitting element standards, short guides about some elements design key elements creation, or advantages - disadvantages. So how do you fink site like this will be helpful for engineers and interest them? And other question is legal to store detail information in website about standards like this: http://www.springmasters.com/sp/stan...-circlips.html or http://www.drutsraigtis.lt/varztai_din912-8.8.php or http://www.sn.schule.de/~dvt/lpe19/Passfedern.jpg

    Whats your opinion about idea? Please do not be shy write your opinion if you read this post.

    Novice mechanical design engineer.
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