Mechanical design and thermal barrier/isolation

I have just joined the forum so please be nice as I'm not an engineer. lol
Thank you for any and all help.

I wanted to tap the knowledge here because my brain hurts...
I'd like a better understand of how to get the answer not just the answer if possible.

I am designing a mechanical device that uses an electric heating element in solidworks.
The element to be used is by watlow with part number E1A53.
Here is the link to the pdf for details.

I need help with the electrical requirement formulas to achieve the desired temp of the element using standard household AC. (110-US) This should be straight forward to anyone with the knowledge required to figure out the formulas.

I also need help with the thermal isolation between parts in the mechanical device. The element will heat a small piece of stainless steel 316 to a temp of 725-775f. I need to prevent heat transfer to the fixture for the most part but some heat transfer is acceptable.

Thank you to all.


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Sorry about the delay in this reply, but you need to ask the right question to get the right answer.

The power required will be that needed to overcome the thermal losses of the mounting and of the attached steel.

We have no idea where to start. What is your application? You need to design a first approximation and specify clearly some of the essential conditions or requirements that must be met by the final design. If you present your problem clearly, you will get a link to an existing solution, or start a productive competitive design session.

So please post application and specifications. Attach a diagram of your first guess at a solution, we can then advise you on a solution or on stepwise improvements to meet your specification.

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