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Mechanical, Electrical Engineering and the Future

  1. Mar 26, 2012 #1

    I'm currently a mechanical engineering major, and I'm looking for your input about the future of mechanical and electrical engineering. I'll start off by saying that I've always been interested in dynamics, energy, and how moving things work (vehicles, etc). With electric car motors and solar energy, for example, becoming more mainstream, I have become a bit worried that these technologies will "replace" areas that have typically (in my opinion) been in the domain of mechanical engineering.

    I am very interested in electromagnetism, but one of the reasons I didn't choose electrical engineering was because I didn't think I would like the more abstract (to me) concepts, like signal processing. I guess you could say I'm more interested in the physics rather than the more abstract math. (Forgive me if I've made any wrong assumptions).

    The bottom line: If I do major in mechanical engineering, and take as many relevant EE courses as I can, is it possible for a ME to get jobs in the electric automotive and solar energy industries? I know these are just a minuscule amount of possible opportunities, but I think it covers the gist of my interests.

    Thank you for any help and input!
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    Yes. It's also possible you end up at a McDonald's. Do what you enjoy and/or find interesting.
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