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  1. bremenfallturm

    Find work given two conservative forces and a nonconservative force

    The figure provided with the question is: I set up the following equation for path 4 ##U_{path 4}=U_{Fk1, path 4}+U_{Fk2, path 4}+U_{FIK, path 4}## where ##U_{FIK,AB}## is the unknown. I know that the work will be the same regardless the path for conservative forces, so I have: ##U_{path...
  2. bremenfallturm

    Find starting velocity from golfer launching ball

    Hello! Hope I got this right. Completely new around here. The image that goes along with the problem is: What I have tried so far can be found below: I do not know if it is a computational error or a physics error, but I tried using WolframAlpha to solve for ##v_0## to validate and did not...
  3. H

    Misc. Attach plates (my design) to the stator core of the machine

    I am working on an electrical engineering project. However, I have come across a specific mechanical engineering problem. I have attached an image to describe what I want to do. I have primarily a stator core (made out of electrical steel laminated sheets) named part number "1". I have a...
  4. M

    What is the physics behind performing a wheelie on a motorcycle?

    I need to understand the mechanics involved in performing a wheelie. That includes analyzing the free-body diagram. And considering all the factors involved in performing this manoeuvre in motorbilkes.
  5. Juanda

    Optimization of barrel length in pneumatic cannons

    I was checking bait cannons and potato guns on the internet because they are fun. Maybe one day I'll build my own. First of all, these cannons use multiple sources of energy (combustion using hair spray, dry ice, etc.). I'll just consider compressed air cannons because I think they are the most...
  6. D

    Translating reciprocating motion into a 45 degree rotation

    I'm trying to design a mechanism to translate reciprocating motion into a 45 degree rotation. Here's the idea: A pin will push against the part marked in red, causing part of the desired rotation. Then, when the pin is pulled back, its interaction with the blue part will complete a 45 degree...
  7. salamikorv

    Given force, need to determine what bearing to use for a crane

    Hey! I want to determine what bearings to use for this manual crane and the only thing i know is that it should be able to lift a wieght of 1000kg at max and that the winch should pull 1.24 m of cable/min. Im looking to find the force P to then determine C, and i think P is only the radial force...
  8. kamalMKA

    Mechanics for High School Students: Building a Robotic Arm

    TL;DR Summary: Mechanical engineering,robotics,mechnics,dynamics Hi guys , I'm new to mechnics and I want to learn it for building robotic arm , but I find mechanics book topics somewhat difficult for me , what I need to learn to get started as I'm a highschool student with basic level math.
  9. Nadia

    Calculations: Creep of Metals and the Life of a Rod

    I'm sorry I'm uploading lots of images because I don't know how to write equations here. PROBLEM DESCRIPTION I have to solve this problem: Figure P3.6: MY SOLUTION I did this: THE CORRECTION I got this as a correction: - Don't use the middle line in figure P3.6 in my calculations. -...
  10. AhmedAB

    What are the benefits of joining a forum for engineers and scientists?

    hey , I bumped into this forum while searching for something and thought it was a great idea to stick around and surround myself with amazingly smart people, its my honor to join you guys and thank you for reading
  11. T

    How to calculate the speed of this umbrella extension arm?

    TL;DR Summary: Have a university project where we are calculating the speed of the arm at the end. I need some help on where to start on the calculations. We have tried to determine instantaneous center of rotation for the device. We want to find the linear velocioty of point B. There is a...
  12. AnonLinear

    B Can Metal Pins Increase Heat Transfer in Concrete Walls?

    I had an idea thinking about heat transfer and how placing water over a hot surface will transfer the heat to the water. It got me thinking, in a case where water could not be an option for a medium could I use metal, which would still have a higher heat transfer to absorb more of the heat...
  13. A

    Load and Stress; 3 angles with different shapes corners

    Summary: Each angle has a different type of corner, rectangular, circular, and triangular. Which one is the strongest? All three angles are mounted in the ground and made of the same material. The same force ‘w’ towards the ground is acting on all angles, which one is the strongest? Please...
  14. StoneBored

    How to get the transfer function for force transmissibility of a wall?

    Hi, I am trying to get the transfer function from a wall between rooms. From one side I have the force of a hammer as an input ,and in the other side of the wall (next room) I have an accelerometer. Is it possible to get the TF without know the damping, stiffness and mass of the wall partition...
  15. Vossi

    Properties that are important to Worm Wheel functions

    From what I've gather the primary benefits to worm wheels are: - their ability to provide high reduction ratios - self-locking which can be useful for hoisting and lifting applications. - Operates silently and smoothly, which reduces vibrations Feel free to add any important ones I might've...
  16. A

    Engineering Why are the radial and the axial stress in a rotating thin ring null?

    Greetings, while studying the stress in the rotating thing ring and find out the last equation that says I would like to understand why? Thank you!
  17. OlPhyz

    12 ton frame lowered on plastic --> What Happens?

    Summary:: 12 ton rectangular frame is lowered by a 4 point crane attached to each corner of the frame. Frame will be lowered onto plastic supports, these supports have guiding ramps of 60 degrees to help the operator lower the frame in the correct spot. The frame has 4 feet, one on each corner...
  18. C

    Most Fundamental or Important Class for Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering

    Summary:: I am looking to take a engineering classes relevant to mechanical and or aerospace engineering. I am challenging my assumption that Statics & Dynamics is the most important and foundational/fundamental course to either mechanical or aerospace engineering (maybe fluid dynamics for...
  19. D

    My weird geneva mechanism doesn't work. Looking for suggestions

    Two things that I think I should say before I describe what I did: First, I do not have any physics-related background (but I have a degree in CS, and I'd like to think I have a good enough grasp on math to be able to understand equations describing motion of objects). So please forgive me if...
  20. ZurraMath

    Please check my solutions -- Mass being pulled with an angled rope

    A block of mass M = 4 kg is pulled by a force F = 100 N forming an angle of 60 degrees with themhorizontal plane with friction coefficient 0.3. Determine the work of force F, friction force and normal force.
  21. NSNS

    How to find maximum load on steel sqare tube

    how to find a maximum load on a steel square tube that has one fixed end to the wall and another end is hanging free. suppose the beam is 2230 mm long and the load is applied on the beam on the free end w= 1040 mm. but there also a steel square tube that welded to the middle of the beam and...
  22. H

    Building a Two Omni Wheel Robot: Questions & Answers

    Hello! I have a somewhat complicated robot project that I've simplified here to hopefully get a quick answer. I want to build a robot with two omni-wheels that looks like the following (not drawn to scale), where the black is the omni wheels at 45 degree angles and the blue is the robot body...
  23. jay_chay22

    Engineering Frame and Machine (engineering mechanics statics)

    I have problem on this question on how to draw free body diagram. Can you please show me on how to draw free body diagram on this question ? The calculation part I think I do not have a problem with it. Thank you in advance ! I am really struggle with this question.
  24. S

    3D Volumetric Strain and Volume Change

    Summary:: Can anyone help me with this 3d Volumetric Strain and Volume Change. The is question is attached as a document below with the question and my attempt at the answer All questions and attempted answers are in the attached file below
  25. T

    Calculate resultant force of a linear mechanism

    Hi all, I'm currently designing a linear to linear transform mechanism (wedge cam design). Would like to check how much force required to push/ slide the roller down. To ease calculation, i have include some assumption: F2 = 1kg @ maximum compressed angle = 20degree F1 required = ? and how...
  26. T

    Calculate the required torque for a cam design

    Hi all, I'm currently designing a cam mechanism. Would like to check how much motor rated torque required for the following design of snail cam ? To ease calculation, i have include some assumed factor as below. Two extreme condition (rotation degree) to compare. What is the motor rated...
  27. U

    Material properties of a bicycle

    Summary:: Please help me to determine the thickness of the material of the bicycle given, i need a step by step procedure. I know the formula required but can figure out the forces acting and reactions on the bicycle. The weight of the person riding the cycle is estimated to be 70-80kg Help me
  28. B

    Insights for a Mechanical Engineering student

    Hello everyone, I'm a mechanical engineering student, I'm italian, so, sorry for my bad english. In this moment i am studying the following subjects: Mathematical Analysis II (multivariable calculus), Physics II (eletctromagnetism), Mechanical design and fundamentals of structural mechanics...
  29. B

    Glass bottle with a prolonged neck that continues into the inner space

    Is it possible to create following two shapes from glass using currently known glass mass production techniques? Shape #1: bottle with a prolonged neck that continues into the inner space, like this (cross section): | | | | /| |\ / | | \ / \ / \ | | |...
  30. A

    Statically Indeterminate Truck - Finding reaction forces at supports

    If you do the sum of vertical forces and sum of moments, you're always left with an unknown. Vertical Forces: Ray + Rby + Rcy = 59kN + 45kN (1) Sum of Moments about A: (59 x 1.85) - (Rby x 3.7) - (Rcy x 4.8) + (45 x 6.5) = 0...
  31. C

    Engineering Where does the bending moment exerted by a wall on a beam come from?

    M = r x F r = 0 ∴ M = 0 But this is clearly wrong. For some reason, the "reaction moment" must exist. Why? Where does it come from? More specifically, which force(s) produces the bending moment, and at what distance(s)? Does it come from the reaction force form the wall on the left end of the...
  32. Fdtroya

    Node Counting Circuit for Standing Wave Generator

    Summary: Make a circuit that counts the number of nodes in a standing wave generator I have a an assignment to complete this Term, the assignment consist in making a machine that would produce standing waves in various frequencies, (for example the typical motor connect to a string with...
  33. F

    Need Advice: Passing a Ball Bearing from Air to Water

    Hi all, I'm new to this but joined in the hope someone with more experience could provide some advice. In a personal project, I have a particular design dilemma where I am trying to pass a metal ball bearing (or any other spherical shaped solid) from a column of air into a column of water...
  34. Z

    Engineering Senior mechanical engineering student With a 3.5 GPA but I really hate it

    Hello guys, Long story short i am a senior mechanical engineering student (graduating next year). But i do not like my major, at first i did not matter to me what i choose or what i study. i did not know what i like and mechanical engineering seemed a good option to me in terms of good job...
  35. vsarnaud

    4 Linkage system: velocity calculation

    For the attempt at a solution view the Excel screenshots (1). A screenshot with all the lengths is provided (2). The 4-linkage system is shown in screenshot (3). The problem is shown in screenshot (4). A screenshot from the whole assembly is also provided to add some insights (5). Thanks...
  36. S

    Help with Bernoulli's equation for a central heating system

    so far I have found the velocity 1 and 2 by dividing the volume flow rate over the area which I got from pi x dia squared/4 my v1 = 1.01859m/s and v2= 2.82942m/s i have then figured out a pressure for the 15mm pipe which i got an answer of 2.71 bar however i am stuck on the rest of the question...
  37. Tiqo

    Electrical Repair of an old JJ LlOYD T20K tensile machine

    Hello, I am currently a mechatronics engineering student, I am working on a school project: retrofitting a tensile machine. The goal of the project is to improve the human-machine interface as it is a very old machine, it is a JJ LOYD T20K, my problem is that the machine no longer works(it...
  38. D

    Photosensor-Brake System for a Small Plastic Car

    Hello, I am attempting to expand my physical understanding of some engineering principles I’ve learned during my first semester of ChemE. I am making a small plastic car that will be propelled with a weak fan. I am attempting something similar to a ChemE project car. Is there a way I can use a...
  39. J

    How Do You Calculate Motor Size for a Small Electric Vehicle Project?

    Hello all, I have a project in which i need to design a small vehicle which is able to carry 4kg for 10 meters. I have took it up to 5kg as the frame and wheels add up too 1kg. So the total weight will be 5kg. Acceleration isn't a priority, but 0.5 m/s I would be fine with. The wheel have...
  40. S

    I Adhesive force between cutting oil and metal chips?

    I am working on a project to remove cutting oil from waste metal chips. I need to know the retationship between viscous force of oil and centrifugal force required to remove oil from chips, so that I can calculate the RPM P.S Design is attached
  41. N

    Mechanism with a linear actuator

    Designing a machine. For it to work properly there would need to be a mechanism that connects the linear actuator to the stand that would allow for the actuator to move horizontally relatively freely with applied forces at the bottom, when there is simultaneously a downward applied force by the...
  42. E

    Engineering How proficient do i need to be in CAD for a mechanical engineering internship?

    How proficient in cad should someone who is applying for mechanical engineering internship be? I am teaching myself solidworks and i would like to have a benchmark to progress towards so when I began applying for a mechanical engineering internship in the near future i will feel prepared.
  43. M

    Force Calculation for bending of TOR steel bars

    Hello everyone, I need some help to calculate the force required to bend a tor steel bar of dia 20mm and 12 m long from the centre. I want to bend it like a hair pin and need to know how much force is exactly required to do so. Any help or resource would be great. Regards, Mradul
  44. J

    How Does Preloading Affect a Cantilever Beam's Structural Integrity?

    Hello, everyone.I have been trying to understand the meaning of the question from the posted image.I think that preloading has to do with adding bolts to the cantilever beam such that it can withstand the force from above, but I am not sure how exactly these bolts should be implemented.I would...
  45. S

    Determining Torque for this problem

    Hi, Could someone please help me with this. I need to move an object which weighs 300 g horizontally, which is linked to a linear actuator consisting of rack and pinion arrangement which is driven by a servo motor. The speed at which the object should move is 3 m/s and the distance is 0.5 m...
  46. Tone L

    Searching for a strong inflexible plastic that is transparent

    Hi all, I think this is the right place to post this?! Material sciences.. Nonetheless, I am searching for a strong inflexible plastic, that is transparent. The principle job of the plastic is to be a long piece with a sensor attaching at the end. The sensor will weigh about 2kg, putting a...
  47. M

    Programs Switch majors from ME to material science?

    Hey, I’m kinda of in a crisis in my head here. I’m in the US to pursue my masters in mechanical engineering. After the introductory material science course, I believe I’ve got a greater interest towards materials than mechanical engineering. Would transferring to Material Science be a good...
  48. Silverhobbiest

    Thermodynamics Energy transfer question

    Homework Statement In a frictionless piston-cylinder system, there are 3 kg of R-134a initially at 280 kPa and 15 °C. Heat is transferred to the system in the amount 120 kJ. What will the final temperature of the refrigerant be (deg C)? Homework Equations Q - W = ΔU (internal energy) Q - Wb...